about me



I’m Lu. I’m a dreamer, book nerd & photography amateur. I like to cook, eat & sleep. I love to sleep. I can be loud & often inappropriate. I’m also quiet & crave regular alone time. I like to eat chocolate spread, straight from the jar. With my finger, not a spoon. That way, I don’t have to share. I live with an awesome man who can do almost anything. I also live with two rescued kitties. They wear crooked halos & are completely adorable. I like to make lists. Lots of lists. I adore lakes, seas & mountains. I sometimes like the noise, smells & chaos of big cities. But only in small doses. I love to travel, meet new people & try new food. I love how photography captures just one unique instant in time, shouting ‘I was here’. I love to read & learn random (& often useless) things. I’m a design fanatic & a big history geek. I love old things that are a bit quirky & neglected.  I live for trips to Costa Coffee for a full fat Frescato & a slice of tiffin. Mmm tiffin. I like warm countries along the Mediterranean Sea & one day, I’m going to live in one of them.

Life is about collecting stories…


Avatar copyright of Lukas Flekal via Creative Market.



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