A snowflake is winter’s butterfly ~ unknown

Winter (win·ter )

  1. The fourth and coldest season of the year, and lasting from December to March in the northern hemisphere.
  2. The period from the Winter Solstice to the Spring Equinox.

Solstice (sol.stice)

  1. The time or date when the sun is the greatest distance from the celestial equator. In December, it’s when it reaches its southernmost point.
  2. Either of the two points in the ecliptic furthest from the equator.

Winter can be a bit depressing. It’s dark and cold and sometimes it seems as if the sun may never come back again, but winter has its good points too. When else can you get away with snuggling up inside with a good book rather than working on the garden or washing the car? When else is it acceptable to hibernate and become a semi-hermit?! And of course, without winter we wouldn’t enjoy Spring so much. See? Not so bad after all is it?! A little while back, I created this Winter word art to remind me of what I love about this time of year.